1st quarter financial result   第1四半期(全社)決算報告
We are glad to inform you that our company Financials for the First Quarter ended 30th June 2018 has been approved by Board on 30th July 2018 at Mumbai.


1. Indian Gross Direct Premium Rs. 6053 crore(605億ルピー) growth rate 12.6%
2. Global Gross Written Premium Rs.6961 crore(696億ルピー) Growth rate 9.9%
3. Profit before tax Rs.755 crore (75億ルピー)
4. Profit after tax Rs.635 crore (63億ルピー)
5. Net worth including fair value Rs.38844 crore (3884億ルピー)
6. Investments at Market value Rs.66192 crore (6619億ルピー)
7. Asset base Rs.78320 crore

congratulations to all New Indians.